Hans Scheffler's GPS Maps


I like maps; all maps. I also own a Garmin map capable GPS. With no commercial topographical GPS maps available for Africa, there was only one thing to do: generate my own. These maps are now available from Madmappers as AfricaTopo

I also compiled a basic GPS contour map of the Cordillera Blanca Mountain range in Peru for the June 2004 MCSA Peru Expedition, which is available for download. Interested? Read on...

The map is not inteded as a serious navigational tool - rather an interesting toy.
50m interval contours were generated from free DEM data avaliable on the internet.
Unfortunately the sensors used to obtain this data do not handle 'wet areas' well. This includes snow and ice. Thus there are many 'holes' in the data for the higher mountains.
I filled the voids manually in some of the areas we indended to visit, but this is a tedious and time consuming task. Obviously I could not correct it all.
(there are methods available to fill the voids, but that is another project... See http://www.terrainmap.com/)

My Cordillera Blanca map consits of two tiles being the degree squares:
S08 W078 to S09 W077 and S09 W78 to S10 W077

I have added a few lakes and streams around Mt. Huascaran and the Santa Cruz valley.
Towns along the main road that runs along the Rio Santa Cruz are also indicated for orientation purposes. I traced these from the IGN Peru 1:100 000 maps.
Unfortunately I do not have the sheet showing Huaraz, thus the missing bit of road and gap in the Rio Santa.

Please note:
You are welcome to download (link below) and use the map - it is free but you do so at your own risk.
You also get exactly the same amount of support from me as what you paid for the map (i.e. zero!)
This map has not been tested for accuracy.
I have not had time to package the map in a propper installer, but the batch file included should setup the map to work with Garmin MapSource; again I tested this on my PC and it works, but cannot guarantee this for your setup.
You use this installer at your own risk.
The install batch file assumes that you have MapSource and inserts a registry key for the Cordillera Blanca map. It also creates a new folder: c:\Program Files\Garmin\CordilleraBlanca to store the map files.

The map works on my Garmin Legend (uses 2MB of map memory).
I have not tested it on any other GPS models although it should work on any Garmin map capable GPS unit.

The map is compiled to be transparent - i.e. it can be overlaid onto another Garmin map, e.g. Garmin World Map.
Note that my map and the Garmin World map for Peru do not agree 100% - I found that my map was more accurate most of the time!

1. Download CordilleraB_map.zip (1.8 MB) - Choose 'save to disk'
2. Unzip to a folder, say c:\temp or where ever you wish.
3. Ensure that MapSource is not running
4. Navigate to the folder you used in 2. and double click the 'Install' shortcut
5. Open MapSource - if all went well, you will have a Cordillera Blanca map in the product drop down.
6. Select the Cordillera Blanca map (the contours only show as you zoom in).
7. Upload to your GPS is the same as for any Garmin map.